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Building a fair long-term partnership

During her visit to Mongolia, Chancellor Angela Merkel stressed Germany's interest in fair long-term cooperation between the two countries. Mongolia, a parliamentary democracy, is an important role model in Central Asia declared Angela Merkel in her address to the Mongolian Parliament. A government agreement on cooperation in the extractive, industrial and technological sectors was signed.

A young woman in traditional Mongolian costume offers the Chancellor a dish of dried curd cheese at the airport. A warm welcome in Ulan Bator Photo: REGIERUNGonline/Denzel

Mongolia, a landlocked state that borders on Russia and China is aiming to establish partnerships with third countries. Angela Merkel encouraged it to continue along the democratic path.

Role model in Central Asia

Speaking to the Mongolian Parliament, she welcomed the country’s decision not to enforce the death penalty any more. She also called on Mongolia to finally abolish the death penalty all together.

In Ulan Bator the Chancellor also met Prime Minister Sukhbaatar Batbold and President Tsakhia Elbegdorj. It was the first time a German head of government had ever visited Mongolia.

The Chancellor’s agenda also included a meeting with the soldiers and German instructors of the Mongolian contingent of the International Security Assistance Force for Afghanistan (ISAF).

Faire and sustainable cooperation  

Prime Minister Sukhbaatar Batbold spoke of a historical visit and thanked the Chancellor for Germany’s support over the last twenty years.

Angela Merkel said that there is still much scope for taking economic cooperation a step further. The agreement on the new partnership in the extractive sector will be translated into practice over the months to come. Germany can help Mongolia significantly, in particular in the field of mining and mining technology. The Chancellor said, "I am convinced that we have laid the foundations for a long-term partnership in the energy and extractive sectors that will benefit both countries." She also advocated that earnings from the country’s mineral wealth should benefit as large a section of the population as possible.

Germany can make offers that combine economic efficiency with environmentally sound technologies, she said. There is also scope for providing support to ensure that the workforce is well trained.  

The country that lies to the north of the Gobi Desert is one of the ten richest states in the world in terms of mineral deposits. Mongolia has coal, coke, copper and gold reserves.

Troops stand side by side in Afghanistan

German and Mongolian troops stand side by side in Afghanistan, in their efforts to bring peace and security to the country. In Feyzabad in Northern Afghanistan they share responsibility for reconstruction work in a dangerous environment. Angela Merkel thanked Mongolia for stepping up its engagement in Afghanistan this year.

Germany is helping with the transition of the Mongolian armed forces, and has assigned 30 instructors. After meeting with soldiers, the Chancellor praised the absolute mutual trust that exists between soldiers and instructors.

Thursday, 13. October 2011

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