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Allocution de la chancelière fédérale Angela Merkel devant l’American Jewish Committee (en anglais)

Orateur :
Angela Merkel
jeudi, 20. janvier 2011
Lieu :
in Berlin

Words of thanks from Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel upon receiving the Light Unto the Nations Award from the American Jewish Committee

Mr Harris,
Ms Berger,
Honoured delegates and friends of the AJC,
Ladies and gentlemen,

I would like to thank you most sincerely for the honour of receiving this award, an award which for me represents an obligation above all else.

You referred earlier to the shared encounters and opportunities we have had to exchange our views and tell each other what we consider important. In accepting this award, I would of course also like to express my gratitude to the AJC for repeatedly giving me the extraordinary opportunity to share my views as German Chancellor with the delegates, particularly at the Centennial Gala. I was extremely conscious on that occasion of the honour and also the obligation inherent in the fact that, after the Shoah, the Holocaust, a unique process had made it possible, by the centenary of the AJC, to invite a German Chancellor to speak alongside the US President and the UN Secretary-General on that anniversary. It goes to show what an extraordinary distance you have covered on the path of reconciliation. That is why this award represents for me first and foremost an obligation not to disappoint the trust that has been placed in Germany and the people in our country but to continue to justify it in the future.

But this award also serves as a reminder that there is still a lot left for us to do together. Human rights and human dignity are still being trampled underfoot in many places across the globe – presenting us with challenges to face together in many areas of the world.

For one thing, we all have a duty to perpetuate the remembrance of history. When our President visited Israel with his daughter and a group of young people, I think we saw again how highly and with what energy Germany’s political leadership values conveying a sense of responsibility and the memory of history to the younger generation.

For another thing, we face great tasks in current politics. The aim is peace in the Middle East. The aim is security for Israel, with a Jewish State of Israel alongside a Palestinian state. The feeling in Germany and indeed in the European Union is that we have a duty to work with the United States in searching for such a solution. Time is short. It is a vitally important task to ensure that, in future, the people in Israel will be able to live in safety and freedom within the secure borders of the Jewish state. I feel we will continue to work together very closely to achieve this goal. That is why I will take this award as a daily reminder to do everything Germany can to help make this vision one day a reality.

We can certainly say that there is a lot to be done. While I accept this award as a great honour, I also embrace the responsibility it represents to continue to work towards the goals which unite us.

jeudi, 20. janvier 2011

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